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 Jonny is in da house woo!

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Jonny is in da house woo! Empty
PostSubject: Jonny is in da house woo!   Jonny is in da house woo! Icon_minitimeMon Oct 27, 2008 9:34 am

Name: Jonny or if u play css Revolution Razz
Age: 16
Hobbies: Gaming, tennis and now working @ sainsburys not sure if that is a hobby but i spend enough time there tbh
Experience: I have been playin pc games for nearly 10 years from fury and the original tomb raiders to bf vietnam etc. I started gaming online properly when hl2 came out i then played css for a bit and then moved to dod 1.3 and then source where i met len ronnie and the maccem in eff. After that i then moved over the b2z for a bit and discovered how bad bf2 is Razz. I now play css competitively in a top 20 ed clan Very Happy that took 4 years of my life. I also have joined this WONDERFUL operation to lets give this a go!
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Jonny is in da house woo!
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